The casinos are satisfied, after the fans of the slots, by an audience that reveres the card games. Some people prefer blackjack for its ease in understanding the game and making some money, while others keep their spirits for poker in all its variants.

No wonder this happens that way. Poker, in culture, has had a greater influence on people to the point of becoming something characteristic of a casino. So, that a person in the west, east or any corner of the planet has heard, at some point, about this game.

In its elemental form, Texas Hold’em is crowned as the most played type of poker in the entire universe. Such is its scope that in the World Tournament that takes place annually in the United States, this modality is what leads the champions to become the makers of millions of dollars.

However, recently another form of poker has managed to become a very popular option. It is, of course, three card pokers.

In the conventional and online tables, enthusiasts gather every time to try this form of the game that, according to their criteria, is incredibly easy to learn. As far as the deck is concerned, the 52 cards are present, as is the same limit of seven members per game.

Another feature that stands out is that in these races two games are combined: poker and blackjack. Therefore, all players beat each other, but they must also get a way to beat the dealer. For this, there are some techniques that are part of the rules and can serve the novice at the time of starting in this game.

Practical aspects

The three card poker table consists of three betting circles. The top one, labeled “Pair Plus”, serves as a link for players to place bets considering the money they aspire to win. To start the round, it is necessary to place chips in that circle.

When each member has thrown their chips, the dealer distributes three cards to each one. The one on the left side of the croupier starts the game and then follows clockwise.

Ranking in the value of hands

When sharing features in common with Texas Hold’em, three-card poker is handled under the same hand system. That is, with the decks it is possible to build from a colored ladder to a high hand. However, before venturing into this game, it is advisable to know which one is worth more than the others.

In that sense, the most powerful play is the straight flush, consisting of three consecutive cards of the same suit (for example, four, five and six of hearts). Descend the trio (three cards of the same value), then the ladder (three cards in sequence of any suit), color (three cards of the same suit), pair (two cards of the same value) and finally the high hand (the presence of the highest card).


In three-card poker, although the odds are not too far from those of Texas Hold’em, there is evidence of a variation in the odds of the house. In fact, this sometimes deters many players from trying.

As for technique, it is still a game that appeals to the strategy to win. Therefore, the most skilled player, in theory, is who gets the best opportunities.

However, in the games of chance, any scenario can be transformed for the convenience of certain. The important thing, in that sense, is to give the best of yourself and have a good time.