Hot Air Online CasinoYear 2002, It was one of the mixed year of my life I was going through a rough phase, since the Melbourne city was going short of jobs, so I tried looking in the Sydney but nothing was really helping, I was out of my finances and I was unable to lie more to my family that I have been fired from the office as the consequence of cost cutting. At first my manger made some pressure on me to leave the job myself, and eventually made the decision himself.

I was very worried those days, so I found that there is some opening in the casino, that was about to open in few weeks. So I went there and went through the interview and got selected for the bartender job. There I made some time and during the service I get to know about the pokies and casino slots, that’s how I get introduced to the gambling industry and made up my finance little better.

After that poker became my favorite game and I enjoyed it pretty much while serving the online casino and also dig out some tips and tricks to play and win with it. And today is the day when I see the photos of that time I used to remember the rainy days. And right now I am playing this very game call the hot air. It is a 5 reel online slot game from Microgaming. It has a hot air balloon theme and if you love the bird eye view of this beautiful world then you would surely going to like it as well. The manufacturers have designed it so well that you can hardly resist it, I also couldn’t escape with the charm of it and made some money out of it as well.