Recent research has determined that there are multiple factors linked to the risks run by staff working in nightclubs dedicated exclusively to games of chance and chance.

Among the tests carried out over more than a decade, studies can be mentioned in the most prominent Macau gaming centers, whose results have been decisive in improving the working conditions of the employees of this growing industry in Hong Kong.

Main reasons why working in a casino is not attractiveOne of the first reviews was made by a newspaper established in Hong Kong, known as Apple Daily. The search was based on making certain types of tests, with the purpose of determining the professional level and the quality of service provided by employees in the 4 most important casinos located in Macao.

The studies carried out at the end of 2007 showed surprising results related to the purity of the environment, since materials were found to be harmful to the health of the personnel and, therefore, to their optimum performance.

The tests set the levels of dangerous particles with a record high in more than 10 times over what is allowed by the international laws, placing the person in the evident risk of contracting any respiratory affection.

In another analysis done by expert pollsters of the Macau University of Science and Technology, in 2007, it revealed that a high number of workers, corresponding to 81% of the people who work in land casinos centers, did not feel comfortable when visitors smoked during your workday

In addition, the study was conclusive in several aspects related to the negative incidences, that this type of work has for the development of the family and social life of the croupier. He also confirmed that it also affects health, which is quite worrisome.

Consequently, all the investigations, until 2012, have shown that there is a close relationship between the conditions in which distributors work in the gaming centers in Macao and a large number of occupational diseases derived from the environment that the surrounds

In a work entitled Living with Casinos, its authors Wei Shi and Shih-Diing Liu, describe the activities in Macao, during 2013, with new dealers and assure that the distributor’s schedule is difficult to accommodate for their friends and family since irregular work changes bringing bad consequences for their families.

In the publications “If there was a time conflict” and “The casino dealer” written by So Hud Chan, from the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Macao and the expert in the field Professor Simon T. Chan, respectively; it is exposed that the harmful aspects in other companies are not necessarily harmful to the entertainment industry, since the work environment differs from the conditions in other works.

It is for this reason that, a prominent researcher at the University of Science and Technology located in Macao Sio-leng Chau, came to the following conclusion: The working conditions of employees cause many problems in Macau casinos, such as absenteeism, lack of job satisfaction and separation.

To conclude, Chau, who also does doctoral studies, says that there are many challenges in the human resources management of the gaming industry, such as high turnover, talent shortages, psychological pressure on employees, lack of improvement in employee job satisfaction and insufficient training

In 2009, a team composed of three observers assigned to the Hotel Management and Tourism School, belonging to the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, tried to make a positive interaction to obtain a more comfortable, reliable and sustainable work environment for workers of the gaming centers in Macao, based on the experiences of students seeking to improve the protection of the workforce.