Private Eye Online CasinoAlmost three months ago on a Sunday morning, I was reading a health magazine. I had an annual subscription and had a huge archive of magazines and books at home. I saw an advertisement of an eye clinic in it. The doctor was very famous one. So I planned to visit there as I was having some problems. I took the address from the magazine, Clinic was in Adelaide. I took leave from my office as I worked as an assistant editor in a newspaper company. I mainly looked at crossword and cartoons section.

After confirmation of leave, I took a bus from Brisbane to my destination. In  the bus, I started listening to a song of my favourite band. A co-passenger of mine was playing an online casino game on his laptop. He told me about the game and said that I can play it too. At first, I wasn’t interested but then after some time it was really fun.

The game was a pokie called the Private eye. The theme is the movies and novels of the mid-1900s. It is a 5 reel, 243 payline slot machine. The maximum jackpot is 1000 coins and the second jackpot is 500 coins. The regular symbols are Telephone with the rotary dial, 1950s body car, old style pistol and the box camera to relive that era. Some others are chalk marks on a dead body, handcuffs, suspect and redhead girl, cash and whisky.

The private eye batch is a wild symbol. The free spin is newspaper selling boy. Clues under magnifying glass are bonus Private Eye Online Casinosymbol. Free spin feature and bonus feature is available. So private eye has a perfect theme for people who loved the series and it is one of the best progressive slot machines that are nowadays in trend.