Online casino novices need to be aware that two types of roulette tables are American Roulette and European Roulette. If they want to succeed at any roulette table, they need to understand the differences. A better chance of winning is for an informed gambler to understand the game’s odds.

American Roulette

There are thirty-eight slots on the American Roulette wheel. The number of numbered places ranges from one to thirty-six, plus two additional spaces that include zero or a double zero.

European Roulette

European Roulette also has numbered slots ranging from 1 to 30 six, but only one zero slots. This brings the total number to thirty-seven.

Types of betting

You can place various bets on a European and American Roulette table. In addition, different types of bets offer other odds.

  • Inside Bets
  • Single number – 35/1
  • Split betting is when you place a bet on two numbers, 17:1
  • A street bet is made up of three numbers: 11:1
  • A corner bet refers to a chance that is split between four numbers, 8:1.
  • Five numbers offer – 6:1
  • Six numbers – 5 to 1.
  • Outside Bets
  • The column is made up of twelve numbers.
  • Dozen also includes twelve numbers – 2
  • High or Low is composed of eighteen numbers each.
  • Red and Black can also be composed of eighteen numbers.
  • Eighteen numbers make Odd or Even – 1:1

Variations in betting

American Roulette provides a unique opportunity for betting with a Top Line bet consisting of five numbers and an additional zero slot number. On the other hand, European Roulette offers a variety of unique Call bets. European Roulette is more popular than American Roulette because it has a higher house edge percentage (around 2.8%) and a lower rate (about 5.2%).

You can place as many mixed bets as you like on the table. However, it is essential to limit the number of possible winning combinations. An example would be a player placing a bet on Red and a similar bet on Black. If Red wins, the player loses the Black bet. The player is not moving fast enough.

Dino Dollars Slot

Our review of Dino Dollars online casino slot by High 5 Games takes you back to the Jurassic age. Flying reptiles and vicious dinosaurs will surround you while you attempt to create giant symbols. As can the huge payouts and the massive fused symbols that appear on the reels, they can be very lucrative. The most challenging decision is making the right choice about how many coins you want to place.

High 5 Games has a growing collection of online slots that can be played at real money and social casinos. There are many classic 5-reel and bonus 5-reel slot machines in the H5G arsenal. But there is always something unexpected. You might find the H5G slot that you have been looking for, the Dino Dollars video slot. Let’s take an in-depth look.

Play the 6 Areas to Get Paid for Big Symbols

Online slot games use a set of standard reels. Gamblers choose their stakes and select the number of pay lines. Then they hit the Spin button.

There are six reel sets in the game with two symbol positions. These sets are organized in pairs. We were welcomed by a new set of reels when we started our review of the Dino Dollars Slot.

Each reel spins independently from the other. The symbols on most reels are different. If you can fill every 2×2 area of the reels with the same character, it will fuse to create a colossal sign. The prehistoric creature will pay you real cash.

Dino Dollars can be bought in various coins, depending on the location. High 5 Games also offers a free Dino Dollars slot machine.

For big payouts, hit the Giant T.Rex Avoid the low-paying symbols Q, K, and A as you spin. For hitting one prominent 2×2 symbol on a reel, you will win cash. You would win a massive jackpot if you struck six of a kind.

Prehistoric animals and dinosaurs are the highest-paying symbols in the game. As we discovered while compiling our Dino Dollars online slots review, hitting just one fused mark on any of the six-reel sets can help you make money. It would be best if you strived for 6-of-a-kind, however.

The Triceratops will pay 30-7500 coins for 1-6 prominent symbols, while the furry Velociraptor will pay 40-10,000 coins. For 1-6 types, the Plesiosaur is a fierce predator that pays 50-12,500 coins, while the T-Rex, the king of dinos, gives a top payout of 15,000 coins.

Also, be on the lookout for wilds. These giant stone symbols will replace all icons except the footprints and eyes. The slight wilds can replace smaller symbols, while the vast 2×2 wilds can replace 2×2 symbols. Hit 1-6 wilds to earn real money.

For Jackpot Prizes, trigger Free Spins or Treasure Tier. The Dino Dollars slot is an excellent choice for those who like places that offer free spins bonuses. Landing one or more large dinosaur eyes symbols will activate free spins. A single prominent eye symbol will activate seven free spins. Two large eyes covering four positions will unlock 15 free games. Three large eyes landing on three reel sets will give you 30 free spins.

It would help if you also were on the lookout for a bonus feature in the game. The Treasure Tier bonus feature will be activated if you locate a giant dinosaur footprint on one of the six-reel sets. You will receive six picks if you land three large prints on the reels. Two choices are awarded for each large footprint. If you hit two large footprints, you win four picks.

The bonus game functions like a pick-them feature. To reveal multipliers or coins, click on the footprint symbols. The bonus multiplier begins at 1x and grows each time you show another. This bonus was the most lucrative in our Dino Dollars review.